Ocean’s 110: Our Annual Auction and Fundraiser

MARCH 23RD, 6:30PM (Adults only)


Our annual auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year!

THIS YEAR’S AUCTION THEME IS “OCEAN’S 110”: The PS 110 gym will be transformed into a classic night in Las Vegas, complete with Poker, BlackJack, Craps and Roulette tables! Feel free to dress up or come as you are—you may see jeans and hoodies and you may see feather headdresses. Just come prepared to have fun!

CAN’T GET A SITTER? Our partner, Super Happy Healthy Kids, is offering babysitting (for a fee) just around the corner at a site on Columbia Street. You MUST register in advance, though. Email: childcare@ps110pta.org.

What you can expect

Entrance to the event will be at the northern door on Cannon Street (the one that goes into the cafeteria; NOT the one by Ms. York’s desk.) There, you can hang up your coat and enjoy a welcome drink. Then, head into the casino!


  1. A program that explains some of the guidelines for the event.

  2. A coupon for chips to be redeemed at the gaming tables.

  3. An auction paddle with a number on it. This number is yours for both the Silent and Live auctions.

• • •

AROUND THE ROOM, THERE WILL BE SEVERAL TABLES WITH SILENT AUCTION AND RAFFLE ITEMS ON THEM. Take a look around to see what items may interest you. Take your time: there is a lot that’s up for grabs!!

  • If you are interested in any of the Raffle items, you may buy raffle tickets at the check-out desk. Put your raffle tickets into the corresponding bag to the item you want. Don’t forget to hold on to your ticket stub! Winning tickets will be pulled at the end of the night, after the Live Auction. If your number is announced, claim your item at the check out table.

  • If you are interested in the Silent Auction items, you can write your auction paddle number on the sheet, along with the amount you want to bid on it. (There will be a minimum bid listed on the sheet.) Check back often, though, because someone may outbid you! The highest bid at the time we close the auction tables (at around 9:00 PM) is the winner. You can then pay for your winning item at the check out table.

IF YOU WANT TO PLAY A CASINO GAME, you can sit at one of the tables and hand the dealer your coupon. They will give you 1000 worth of chips, which you can use at any of the gaming tables. In need of a tutorial or a refresher? No worries! Click here for Casino Games 101.

And you can always buy more chips if you want to keep playing! Look for the roaming carts with chips for sale! Once gambling is complete, at 9:00 PM, you can turn in your winning chips for raffle tickets.

• • •

Throughout the evening, enjoy free passed food, free drinks from the bar in the center of the room, as well as free live music performed by The Nightingales, our fantastic parent band.

• • •

AT ABOUT 9:15 PM, OUR LIVE AUCTION WILL BEGIN. Our auctioneers will lead bidding on select items such as Broadway tickets and Principal for a Day! To bid on live auction items, raise your paddle when the auctioneer calls out amounts. If the amount gets too high for you, put your paddle down!! The last paddle standing wins the item, at that amount.

• • •

We really, really hope you’ll come to the auction! Not only is it a fun night of great food, drinks, and entertainment, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with other PS 110 parents, staff, and teachers away from the madness of morning drop off.

And remember: What happens at PS 110 stays at PS 110!

Don’t miss this fantastic night. Get your tickets today!