PS 110 endeavors to foster a lifelong love of learning in an academically rigorous environment that is enhanced by exposure and experiences in the arts. We promote academic excellence through standards- based instruction and use an interdisciplinary and inquiry based approach to learning. Our mission is to develop self-motivated, engaged, curious, creative individuals who can actively collaborate and demonstrate perseverance and flexible thinking as life-long learners. 



Email: KFeuer@schools.nyc.gov 

Karen Feuer joined PS 110 in 2009 with over 30 years of experience in education. She has held various positions that include administering the office of School Food Service at the Board of Jewish Education, teaching pre-school as well as elementary school in Manhattan and the South Bronx, supervising parent support in Districts 20, 21, and 31, and serving on the Community School Board in District Two — advocating for public schools and setting educational policy in the district.

Karen was born in the Bronx and attended public schools her whole life. She has a Bachelor of Science from New York University in Art Education; a Masters in Early Childhood and Elementary Education also from New York University and a Master in Supervision and Administration from Baruch College's Aspiring Leadership Program. She was an Assistant Principal for two years on Manhattan's Upper East Side at PS 183.

Karen raised her two children in Manhattan and they both attended public schools. She thinks public education in New York City is the best in the nation. "In a system as large as New York City's there will always be neighborhoods that have schools in need of improvement,” she says “but largely as a whole, New York City is a place of innovation, progressive thinking and accountability." She remains energetic and optimistic about improving outcomes for students at PS 110 and is committed to making sure that each student makes progress and meets high expectations.





PS 110 welcomes Interim Assistant Principal, Marisa Krohn, to the community!

Born and bred in Jersey City where she currently lives with her husband, Ms Krohn is all smiles with an infectious energy that pairs well with our school. A graduate of NYU in early childhood & special education, and reading at Columbia, Ms Krohn has almost a decade of teaching under her belt at local public schools. With a focus on integrating special education into the curriculum, Ms Krohn transitioned into a leadership role at PS234 which then led her to PS 110.

She is excited by the warmth of our school population and was taken by the desire of our children to learn and grow every day.

Marisa Krohn will be supporting Principal Feuer, the teachers and staff and looks forward to experiencing the wonderful diversity that is the Lower East Side. Added bonus, working at PS 110 finally gives her the option to Citibike more than 4 blocks...but she still needs to see how that will work out.