The PS 110 PTA has been engaged in delivering every child at the school with an exciting, challenging, unique, and grade-specific enrichment program. For the 2019-2020 school year, the PTA is budgeted to spend over $125,000 in enrichment programming for Pre-K - 5th grade during the school day. Big number, right? And guess where all that funding comes from? YOU, our school community!

One third of the funds raised for programming comes from The PS 110 Family Pledge. To subsidize one child (per year), it costs the PTA $300. Our goal this year is PARTICIPATION (and to raise $50,000 from direct donations from our PS110 families)!

To view the letter that went out with the summer mailing CLICK HERE

To fill in the donation letter, CLICK HERE

CORPORATE MATCHING: Find out if your company matches your donations! Double the money = double the enrichment.

Below are ways you can donate online, but feel free to drop off a check or cash at the PTA Office! **Please make all checks payable to: PS110 PTA, 285 Delancey St, NY, NY 10002